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Helping Homeowners
We purchase houses in the Research Triangle area,North Carolina. Our motto being, people first, then money. As you can guess, our transactions are Fair, Ethical and Fast.
If you have a need to sell your home fast, please contact us. If you are shy to call, we have a solution for you. Please use the internet form to submit your details and we will be in touch with you.
There are times when homeowners want to sell their property fast. A job transfer or even wanting to avoid high realtor fees.
As always, the worst thing that can happen to a family is to have the bank foreclose on their home. These are hard times that can befall just about anyone. The only enemy in this situation is Time. There are several ways and means to help someone out in this situation. Some of the options will vanish as time passes by. The sooner one contacts us, they will have the benefit of exploring all the options at their disposal. Once they are familiar with the options, it will be an easy decision to pick and pursue one or more ways out.
A foreclosure on one's credit record will be a blackmark for years to come. We can help avoid one. The only mistake one can do is not seek the right help in advance.
The nations bankruptcy laws have changed as of October 2005.
 It is harder to file for chapter 7, which is "the clean start". A bankruptcy on the credit record lives and hurts for years to come.
We can help. Please contact us. Give us a chance to help you. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Click this link to see the "How to avoid foreclosure" document from HUD.
Helping Homebuyers,investors,wholesalers and rehabbers
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